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Hypnosis and Your Weight Issues

author: Crystal Dwyer | 2 Comments

Hi There, it’s Crystal, your Skinny Life coach…

I wanted to take a few minutes to talk to you about Hypnosis… specifically self-hypnosis and why it’s such an important part of the SkinnyLife™ Total Living program.

I created the SkinnyLife™ program, because I started to see a pattern with everyone I coached for weight issues. Most people who go on a weight loss program and lose some weight are actually…somewhere inside their mind…. waiting for the fat person to come again. They lose some weight for a while, but it never seems to last because their inner beliefs haven’t really changed. That’s because our mind stores old patterns and connects them to emotional experiences we’ve had throughout our entire lives. Those patterns are almost impossible to get rid of until we get deeper into our subconscious mind where they are stored.

Its no wonder, somewhere around 90%, of weight loss programs are not permanently successful.  They teach the obvious like eating less and exercising more. If these programs were really the answer, the people using them wouldn’t have weight issues anymore. Some of the women, who finally found Skinny Life, had been on 30 or 40 weight loss programs in their lives! None of them had experienced lasting results…

It’s not that these programs don’t have some valuable ideas and components…it’s just that they’re missing the most important piece to PERMANENT WEIGHT LOSS.

You can’t have a permanent shift with your weight until you have a permanent shift in consciousness, and hypnosis can create powerful shifts at all levels of your consciousness.

 EVERYTHING starts and ends in your mind:

  •  Your beliefs about yourself,
  • Your body image,
  • Your habits and what drives them…. and
  • Your belief in your ability to achieve permanent success.

Your Life is the evidence of your true beliefs. I’m asking you to look at what you’re getting right now in the area of health and fitness. Are you easily mastering your health and fitness or do you feel out of control most of the time in that area?  You can start a diet or try a new exercise program, but how long do you think that will last if nothing has changed in your subconscious programming?  For most people the mental mechanism of self-sabotage will soon start to kick in….and they’ll hear their mind telling stories like:

  • The idea of trying to lose weight overwhelms me.
  • I have no time to eat healthy-healthy eating takes too much time.
  • It’s too hard to get started.
  • I feel out of control so I’ll just ignore the problem and keep soothing myself with -food.
  • I don’t know how to integrate fitness and movement into my life.
  • I can’t fit exercise into my week; I’m trying to make a living.
  • I can’t seem to pull it all together.
  • It’s too much work to eat right.
  • This is overwhelming and I’m never going to get it right- I give up

If you’re stuck in weight issues, then your mental programming is keeping those issues alive. The mental programs have to change in your mind before they change in our body.

I’ve found the most effective intervention to create permanent lasting change in beliefs, behaviors, and habits, is Hypnosis.  Self-Hypnosis is the basis of the SkinnyLife™ Total Living program

There are a lot of misconceptions about hypnosis that range from someone controlling your mind- to a stage show where people squawk like chickens.  The truth is that hypnosis is a powerful therapeutic modality that is used for habit modification, and achieving success and mastery in all areas of life. In my career as a hypnotherapist, I’ve been able to assist people in conquering all kinds of addictions, weight issues, self-esteem and confidence issues, and to help people triumph through all kinds of major life changes.

The core hypnosis and coaching sessions in SkinnyLife™ give you a heightened sense of awareness and sense of self that allows you to release the personal power within.  As you go through the sessions each week, you clear the old patterns and focus your mind on your goals of health and fitness and the exact steps you’ll take to get there.  You mentally prepare the pathway for success to happen, giving yourself the perfect direction that will harness and utilize your inner resources

SkinnyLife™ deep core hypnosis and coaching sessions cause you to uncover the old fears, traps, diversions, and stories that have kept you in your weight issues for too long.  Stop to think about the number of times you’ve been up and down with your weight, felt out of control, done emotional eating or binging, or just given into the stresses of life and give up.

It’s really important for me to communicate this to you so that you can actually begin to understand what’s going on inside of you and why it’s happening.

You can’t make changes unless you look at the whole picture of you and what’s really driving your behaviors and habits.  Most weight loss programs look at fixing a symptom of the problem.

Of course you need to have the knowledge and awareness of the very best metabolism boosting ways to eat and to move….and we integrate all of that naturally with the all of the wonderful reinforcement components of the SkinnyLife™ program….


That is why we made these audio sessions the CORE …of the SkinnyLife™program.

There is an inner part of you that drives you toward either self- sabotage or self-mastery.

The Skinny Life deep core hypnosis and coaching allow you to access that part of you to tap into your inner personal power, release the self-sabotage mechanisms for good, and integrate a perfect mental roadmap for a life of success and self- mastery in your weight, fitness, and sense of well-being.

We’ve all had a lifetime of previous experiences and choices, and often our particular experiences and choices, and the resulting effects, has laid out a faulty mental roadmap with obstacles and hurdles we believe we can’t overcome. That faulty roadmap in your subconscious mind becomes the filter through which you process your life, including every thought, habit, and behavior that can either support or destroy your health and fitness.

Hypnosis allows you to finally take charge of your own mind and your body follows.

The Hypnosis sessions you’ll experience in the program allow you to guide yourself into a relaxed mild trance so and gain immediate access to your subconscious mind. Once you are in communication with this powerful mental force there is very little you can’t accomplish.

The Skinny Life program tackles three areas of Mind, Eat, and Move and helps you integrate the belief patterns and habits that support the absolute best, fit, slim version of you…naturally…

Imagine being able to successfully:


  • Reverse the destructive self images and fears you hold about weight
  • Better understand and heal your relationship with yourself, eating, and movement
  • Release any emotional attachments you have to foods and eating


  • Become consciously aware of everything that goes into your body and its affect on your body.
  • Become a mindful eater who naturally and easily makes the best eating choices
  • Switch your mindset from deprivation and punishment to honoring and nourishing yoursel


  • See movement and exercise and something you enjoy doing and can’t live without
  • Switch from a mindset of exercise pain and work, to a love of natural movement
  • Be able to naturally and easily fit interesting movement, exercise, and health building activities into your life no matter how busy you are.

My clients say over and over again that this is the only program that makes them feel good and makes them naturally want to do good things for themselves….Not the pain and punishment they’ve always felt in using so many other programs.

The goal of the Skinny Life™ program is to help you eliminate weight as an ISSUE in your life…and to help you support yourself in being one of those fit, slim people you’ve always wondered about…. naturally and easily…

With the right support, you have the power to make any change in your life…I’m here with Skinny Life to give you that support in healing everything inside of you that’s making you live like a fat person and to fully embrace the identity of that fit, slim, healthy person that’s waiting to come out and live!


It’s about living YOUR LIFE…..the Skinny way.



  • Vanessa said:

    Struggled with my weight since I was a young girl, I’m 29 now.

  • Carrie said:

    I think I have kept myself overweight this year, by not eating-possibly I have slowed my metabolism to )0!
    My 13 year old daughter died suddenly of a brain anyeurism, leaving her twin brother and I (my husband left me 3 years ago) My son’s depression caused him to lose 25 lbs. Niether of us have any appetite.
    I am feeling like I’m ready to get off the sofa, and visualize a new life for myself and my son.
    I need to be a role model to myself and him. Thank you, Carrie

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