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Whipping Together a Quick Meal (Tips & Tricks Videos)

author: Crystal Dwyer | 14 Comments

Here’s the first of the Skinny Life Tips and Tricks videos. This one is on eating.

You don’t have to resort to fast food or pizza when you get home from work. You can whip something up in your kitchen in just a few minutes and have yourself a healthy meal.


  • Suzannah Crowder said:

    Hello Skinny Life! I love this recipe! I had not thought about adding pesto before, so this will be a welcome addition to our family’s menu.

    When will the Skinny Life products be available? I’m excited to begin using them!

    Happy day,

  • Marilyn said:

    This video was very inspiring. I love the fact that you are cooking in your own kitchen showing us just how easy it really is to put together a healthy meal. I can’t wait to try it. Thanks.

  • Tricia said:

    Hi Crystl and team
    No problems watching the video except it was narrow so it felt as if you were missing out.
    I am vegetarian so chicken is a no no for me.
    But all the salad – great!

  • Fran said:

    This is a quick and easy meal. I could certainly do this, but I wonder if a novice cook would need some help with quantities, i.e., how much olive oil to use.

  • victoria said:

    In Uganda buying olive oil is very expensive.Can I have an alternative to this because most the funds I raise here and there in my small businesses and when am blessed by people are for feeding and education my sweet kids.


  • Dierdre said:

    This was great. Crystal, this is so much more “you” and authentic than the scripted videos. You clearly relate very well to people, and that comes out in this video. It was a helpful dinner example, too. (The non-skinny part of my brain, of course, asked: “Where is the pasta?!” LOL) Keep it up! Thank you.

  • chaz desimone said:

    I agree with Diedre–this is VERY authentic and personal. Most of all, your energetic and enthusiastic personality is at its peak.
    This demonstrates just how easy your method is, in real time in a real kitchen, with great audio and video.
    And my favorite Olive Oil, Bertolli–perfetto!

  • Bunny Vreeland said:

    The video won’t work for me, either. I have a Mac. Does that make a difference?

  • Tracie Bennitt said:

    Sounds yummy. Now I know what to do with those chicken boobs in the fridge!

  • Teri said:

    Crystal, You’re a natural- made the cooking seem simple and doable. Eating the right foods is definitely my issue. As I’m not much of a cook, I appreciate tips like rinsing the chicken. Details are important. Was there oil in the pan or does the chicken just brown in its juices? I typically bake or grill but like the idea of adding the tomatoes & pesto.

  • Crystal Dwyer (author) said:

    Thank you Teri. The things I cook are really so simple that you don’t have to be much of a cook to make them and once you try a few, it can actually be creative and fun. I definitely use a couple of tablespoons of olive oil to give the chicken a nice browning. A sprinkling of garlic powder and sea salt make a big flavor difference too.If you have an extra minute, I love throwing a little bit of chopped garlic clove in to brown for a minute, right before the tomatoes. Throw the pest in last just enough to barely warm it. Bon appetite!

  • Robin said:

    excellent! i do like the home feel, like me walking into my own kitchen. makes it look easy to do. makes you say “I can do that”

  • Kerul Kassel said:

    Not sure I still wouldn’t feel deprived even though it’s a healthy meal, as my craving for processed carbs and sweets would not be satisfied. How does Crystal recommend dealing with that?

  • Crystal Dwyer (author) said:

    Good question Kerul. Our body DOES need carbs but we want to get the right ones, which are the complex carbs. They’re long lasting, slow burning, and provide that energy and satisfaction our bodies need. ONe of my favorites would be to add a small baked sweet potato. I can’t say enough good about these delicious tubers. (they really are a tuberous root) Sweet potatoes are LOADED with nutrition. You can throw a few in the oven first thing when you walk in the door and in an hour, they’ll be ready.They are so delicious baked in their own skins you literally need to add nothing to them to enjoy them. They are sweet, creamy and so satisfying…not to mention loaded with vitamins A,C, Manganese, and antioxidants. And….a 5 inch x 2 inch sweet potato has only 100 calories including skin! Other choices, try butternut squash, acorn squash, or cooked pumpkin with cinnamon. All great healthy choices that give long lasting, complex carb satisfaction!

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