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Movement on Your Rebounder (Tips & Tricks Video)

author: Crystal Dwyer | 2 Comments

Here’s another Skinny Life Tips and Tricks video. A rebounder is a great way to get some movement into your life in order to get yourself some real results.

Note: We are in beta mode. We’ll be experimenting with different video formats over the next few weeks. Please be patient with us.


  • Avril said:

    Thanks for reminding about the rebounder, I am going to get myself one as I dont have much space and it is something I can do while watching my favorite program.

  • Crystal Dwyer (author) said:

    I’m so glad to hear it Avril! That’s what I love about the rebounder. It takes a tiny bit of space, but offers tons of benefit! It cleans your lymphatic system by getting it to move and flush toxins, it creates super toning in your core, and it is a GREAT cardio activity. The great thing is that it is really fun to do. You’re right, you can put on your favorite program, or listen to your favorite songs. I do 4-5 songs that I love and get me rocking. Suddenly the time evaporates and I’ve had fun and done SO much good for my body. Remember the goal of Skinny Life is to integrate healthy movement in a way you LOVE! Movement becomes addictive. Keep listening to your audios as much as possible. We change our thinking and feelings to change our lives and live the Skinny Life permanently! Crystal

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